Stainless Steel Chainmail 4×4″ Cast Iron Scrubber

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This Stainless Steel Chainmail Scrubber creates a textured surface that’s ideal for scratch-free, heavy-duty scrubbing.


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Here’s how it works:

After you’re done cooking and your pan (or griddle, or roasting dish) is cool enough to handle, fill it up in the sink with some warm water, then take the Ringer to town and scrub down every inch of the pan’s surface. Rinse and repeat if you’re working with some heavy-duty grit, then dry off the pan before storing to prevent rust. That’s literally it. Loosen up any gunk caught in the scrubber itself under a running tap, dry it off with a paper towel, and store.


1.Makes cookware cleanup quick and easy.
2.The hand made chainmail design means that only the round ring edges touch the pan.
3.Will not scratch cast iron pans.
4.Suitable for baking sheets, tea pots, cookie sheets, etc
5.Lightweight, and convenient for home,camping or travel.


Product: Stainless Steel Chainmail Scrubber
Model: 511525
Size: 4″x4″ (10x10cm)
Color: Silver
Material: Stainless Steel

Package includes:

1 x Stainless Steel Chainmail Scrubber


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