Halo Scrubby, Preferred Premium Cast Iron and Stainless Steel Cookware Cleaner

DEAL FOR ALL COOKWARE: This cast ring scrubber is multipurpose! It’s gentle enough to scrub debris from Pyrex and glassware yet tough enough to wash off caked-on food from cast iron skillets, pots, pans, griddles, restaurant grade sheet pans, cookers, crock pots, and even caldrons! This unique chainmail scrubber will leave your cookware looking polished and pristine. Use Halo Scrubby!
SAFE & CLEAN: Other cleaning supplies, like sponges and steel wool, are breeding grounds for bacteria because they offer moist, warm surfaces where bacteria thrive. Food and debris won’t cling to the Halo Scrubby, thereby reducing bacteria. These scrubbing pads are easy to clean! Rinse with soap and water. It comes with a metallic case. Once you finish your dishes, just place it back in its case.
EASY TO USE: Just place your cookware in the sink, turn the water on, and scrub with the Halo Scrubby. Use dish soap, if you’d like. Scrub the Halo Scrubby in circular motions along the pan. You’ll instantly notice a difference. Your pans will look clean, clear, and free of food particles! There are no scrapers on this scrubber, so it won’t scratch! It’s the best thing you can do for your dishes.


Halo Scrubby, Cast Iron and Stainless Steel Cookware Cleaner

Keep Your Cast Iron and Stainless Steel Cookware Looking Great!

• Tired of losing the seasoning on your treasured Cast Iron Dutch ovens and skillets?
• Don’t use your Stainless Steel cookware because it’s too hard to clean?
• Sick of bacteria filled sponges contaminating your kitchen?

Introducing The HALO SCRUBBY By Halolifestyles!

• No need to use harsh chemicals; cleans while preserveing the seasoning on your treasured Cast Iron Dutch ovens and skillets
• Easily removes baked on food from your Stainless Steel cookware – it’s like having an angel in your kitchen!
• Rinses clean with soap and water.
• Cleans pots, pans, glassware, most ceramics, cutting boards and even vegetables!
• Comes in a premium aluminum container for easy counter top access and use.
• Awesome scrubbing power without harsh chemicals and scrapers.
• No need to buy sponges anymore!
• Provides a full 7X7 inches of premium pharmaceutical grade 316L smooth stainless steel chainmail.

Once you try it, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without your Halo Scrubby!

Amazon Buyers trust the Halolifestyles brand because we stand behind our product with a lifetime warranty which ensures you get a great value for your money. We want our customers to love their Halo Scrubby as much as we do!

The Halo Scrubby comes in a premium container and makes a great holiday, birthday or hostess gift for your favorite chef or cook!

Our Holiday pricing won’t last, so get your Halo Scrubby today! (cast iron pot not included)

BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL NEW LOW PRICE A KITCHEN NECESSITY FAST AND EASY CLEANING for your cast iron and stainless steel cookware. It’s like having an angel in your kitchen. Rust and corrosion free. Cleans your cast iron without damaging your seasoning. Gentle on your expensive stainless steel cookware. Amazing on so many items, try it on your cast iron Dutch ovens, skillets, Pyrex, glassware, baking dishes,baking sheets,cookie sheets casseroles, barbecue grills, cutting boards,pots and pans
BONUS, HALO SCRUBBY COMES IN A CONVENIENT COUNTERTOP STORAGE CANISTER. Once you use the Scrubby, you’ll always want to keep it handy. TIP-place canister inside of the lid, add dish detergent and water; the Scrubby is always ready for quick and easy use.
HEALTHY AND HYGENIC CLEANING. Dump that dirty sponge QUIT SPREADING BACTERIA in your kitchen. Stop spending money on sponges – buy the Halo Scrubby once, it’s made to last a lifetime.
CHOOSE the PREFERRED PREMIUM HALO SCRUBBY the first time. Please be aware that there are similar items offered and many are low quality and small in size. We only warranty products that we sell.
PREFERRED PREMIUM PHARMACUTICAL grade 316L Stainless chainmail. convenient size, 7X7 inches, almost 50 square inches of cleaning power Looking for that special gift, this is it! Check our SPECIAL OFFERS, BUY TODAY

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