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7″ Cleaning Whisk

Original price was: $6.87.Current price is: $5.75.

Constructed entirely of bamboo
Known as a cleaning whisk
Quickly and efficiently cleans a wok

ALPHELIGANCE Cast Iron Cleaner- Stainless Steel Chainmail Scrubber for Pre Seasoned Skillet Pan,New Kitchen Tool for Washing Cookware


This chainmail scrubber is the ideal way to effectively and easily clean your cast iron cookware without stripping away accumulated flavor and seasoning.Magic for all your cast iron cooking needs! Also, AMAZING for glassware, plates, casserole dishes
Manufactured with Restaurant Quality 316 Grade Stainless Steel.Each Ring Hand Formed for Smoothness, Strength and Comfort.Will not scratch your pans. keeps your cast iron seasoned
The Handcrafted Ring Scrubber does the job with just warm water, no need too hot. And the hand made chainmail design means that only the round ring edges touch the pan


Back To Basics Apple And Potato Peeler

Original price was: $34.99.Current price is: $32.00.

With classic style and function, makes easy work of coring, slicing, and peeling apples or potatoes
Ideal for salads, pies, canning, drying, delicious treats, and everyday kitchen use
Durably made of enamel-coated cast-iron with stainless-steel blades and a chrome shaft