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4 kilo 104mm diameter official weight and size cast iron track & field shot put. Quality backed with 2 year warranty.

$39.00 $31.00

Our 4 kilo shots are amazing. Craftsmanship backed with 2 year warranty. Smooth handle. Great value and the price is right too.
Kinda hard to screw this one up. It’s an iron ball manufactured right. Right size, right feel, right weight, right price.
It’s a great shot put and that’s about it. Effective. Will never wear out. 4k, 4 k, 4kg, 4 kg

BroilPro Cast Iron Cleaner XL 7×7 Premium Stainless Steel Chainmail Scrubber with Clean Cloth

XL 7×7 inches of Grit Scrubbing Magic for all your cast iron cooking needs! Also, AMAZING for glassware, plates, casserole dishes.
Dishwasher Safe Premium Grade Stainless Steel for easy cleaning of any cast iron cookware item like a baking sheet, tea pot, cookie sheet, cauldron, tortilla press, hibachi, cornbread, pie pan and more!
This Cast Iron Cleaner ss316 is corrosion free so it can last really long and still looks brand new for years