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Lodge L8IC3 Cast Iron Lid, 10.25-inch


Fits Lodge Logic 10-1/4-inch skillet, 3-quart chicken fryer, and 5-quart Dutch oven
Self-basting spikes keep lid tightly in place to seal in flavors
Side flanges fit snugly over the skillet pouring spouts

Moderno Cast Iron 14 Inch Pizza Pan

BAKE THE PERFECT PIZZA time after time. No more burnt crust or cheese – Moderno cooks the pizza perfectly and evenly.
BREAKFAST IS BACK with a great way to make perfect crepes, pancakes, steakhouse prime rib hash, and even red pepper frittatas.
PERFECT DESSERT for every night of the week. Strawberry or blackberry crisps, pan style sugar cookies, and peach crumbles are just a few of the desserts you can make.