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Halo Scrubby, Preferred Premium Cast Iron and Stainless Steel Cookware Cleaner

DEAL FOR ALL COOKWARE: This cast ring scrubber is multipurpose! It’s gentle enough to scrub debris from Pyrex and glassware yet tough enough to wash off caked-on food from cast iron skillets, pots, pans, griddles, restaurant grade sheet pans, cookers, crock pots, and even caldrons! This unique chainmail scrubber will leave your cookware looking polished and pristine. Use Halo Scrubby!
SAFE & CLEAN: Other cleaning supplies, like sponges and steel wool, are breeding grounds for bacteria because they offer moist, warm surfaces where bacteria thrive. Food and debris won’t cling to the Halo Scrubby, thereby reducing bacteria. These scrubbing pads are easy to clean! Rinse with soap and water. It comes with a metallic case. Once you finish your dishes, just place it back in its case.
EASY TO USE: Just place your cookware in the sink, turn the water on, and scrub with the Halo Scrubby. Use dish soap, if you’d like. Scrub the Halo Scrubby in circular motions along the pan. You’ll instantly notice a difference. Your pans will look clean, clear, and free of food particles! There are no scrapers on this scrubber, so it won’t scratch! It’s the best thing you can do for your dishes.